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Those Wacky Druids at Stonehenge

Druids… Erase, Erase, Erase… It’s Always A Sad Day When Claire Makes A Mistake

I’ve amended the post titled Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day. I wrote that post back in 2009, mostly intending to talk about my personal beliefs on Saint Patrick’s Day and the reasons why I don’t tend to celebrate it in the traditional ways. I never really expected the post to take on a life […]

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day To All You Heathens And Snakes!

With all my grumpy Pagan ethos, my friends are always surprised to find out that I actually look forward to going out and partying on Saint Patrick’s Day. My reaction to that is usually, “Hello? Drinking? Have we met?” Just because it’s not necessarily my holiday doesn’t mean I won’t use it as […]

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