Should Pagans Celebrate Halloween?

Is it anti-Pagan to celebrate Halloween? How do Halloween and Samhain relate, if at all, to one another? I grew up loving Halloween, but it now seems disrespectful to me to go out collecting candy while I’m supposed to be honoring the spirits of my dead ancestors.

Lying for the Lord (And The Lady)

The conversation started off innocently enough. Somewhere among the good-natured wrangling over political partisan issues and religion, I was asked an unexpected question. “So where Pagans stand on that whole ‘Lying for the Lord’ thing the Mormons believe in?” my friend asked me. I didn’t understand the question at first. It was probably the first… Continue reading Lying for the Lord (And The Lady)

Always Casting A New Circle

It’s pretty evident to anyone who frequents the PaganCentric web site that we’ve been largely inert for awhile. Honestly, I’ve found myself scratching my head as to how to proceed with PaganCentric. The truth is, I created PaganCentric primarily for the use of the small group of Pagans I hang out with, and later thought… Continue reading Always Casting A New Circle

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