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Claire Mulkieran is a teacher of Pagan-related spirituality and the unofficial patron saint of meandering misfits (or a delusional lunatic, depending upon whom you ask). If you're ready to read between the lines, consider her guiding motto; "Are you a figment of my imagination, or am I a figment or yours?" Claire is also rumored to be a glorified computer programmer by trade, but you can call her a “Systems Security Designer” (which is fancy way saying she's paid to break things).

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Receiving the Golden Light

Strengthening our Foundations

If we continue as PaganCentric, it will be with a very different focus and agenda. We are returning to our roots, and strengthening our foundations. Only time will tell how that will play out, and what it will mean in the larger scope of things. Send to Kindle

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A Final Word on Saint Patrick

A Final Word on Saint Patrick

There is enough presumption concerning my article, Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day: The Real Meaning of the Holiday, that I feel I should say a final word on Saint Patrick to clear a few things up. I actually had to go back and read the article again, just to confirm that I did […]

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Shit People Say To Pagans, Neopagans, Wiccans, Witches, etc.

Shit People Say To Pagans, Neopagans, Wiccans, Witches, etc.

This has pushed so many buttons and caused so much intriguing discussion around here that we feel compelled to share it. What are some of the most annoying things people have said to you about your faith? Send to Kindle

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For Who They Are

It’s Not Christians I Have A Problem With

It has occasionally been said in some circles that I have a problem with Christians. It saddens me that some people believe that, because that perception is wrong. I’m not just some random provocateur on the periphery who flings aspersions at people “of faith” to bolster my own sense of superiority. Send to […]

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A Contrite Heart

Thoughts On Conversion And Contrition

I have never, and will never, begrudge anyone the joy and peace they feel when they “get religion”. But however much one may wave around their new-found religious texts, insight and zeal, it means nothing until they have at least tried to make peace with the people they wronged before they “got religion”. […]

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E. Ray Moore

E. Ray Moore, GOP Candidate: Take Children Out of ‘Pagan’ Schools

E. Ray Moore, a Republican lieutenant governor candidate in South Carolina, is calling for all Christian parents to pull their children out of what he calls “godless” and “pagan” public schools. Send to Kindle

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Saint Patrick's Day Drunk Girls

Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

It’s always fun to sit back and watch the annual brawl over our 2009 post, “Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day: The Real Meaning of the Holiday”. There is certainly no shortage of opinions on the subject. Send to Kindle

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Phil Robertson - Duck Dynasty

What Phil Robertson Taught Me About Christians

While I’m not a fan of “Duck Dynasty”, I’m not a hater. If I disagree with the wit and wisdom of Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty clan, it’s not out of ignorance of Biblical principles, but rather out of a disagreement with their perceptions of them. Send to Kindle

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Creating a God by Santiago Vecino

Should I Say “Goddess” Or “God”?

One of the most vexing questions spiritual seekers encounter concerns the “proper” terminology they should use when referring to The Divine, that supreme being and all around swell guy most commonly referred to as “God”. Many new Wiccans immediately reverse their Christian indoctrination by flipping it. Send to Kindle

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Burning Candle

Color Associations

Ever notice that some colors make you feel a certain way? There’s a reason for that, you know. Colors have certain associations, whether we realize it or not. As such, many magickal traditions call upon those colors in their energy work. Think of it as stacking the deck. You know your intent. Send […]

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