Is Reincarnation Possible?

Is Reincarnation Possible? I think anything is possible. It’s always seemed absurd to me that some people get upset when you mention the possibility of reincarnation, but they believe that when you die your spirit ascends to some mystical place in the heavens where you’ll be reunited with your loved ones.

Should Pagans Celebrate Halloween?

Is it anti-Pagan to celebrate Halloween? How do Halloween and Samhain relate, if at all, to one another? I grew up loving Halloween, but it now seems disrespectful to me to go out collecting candy while I’m supposed to be honoring the spirits of my dead ancestors.

Two People Killed In Lohardaga, India For “Sorcery” And Practicing Witchcraft

A murderer near Bhokta Bageecha of Hirhi Turiya Toli killed a 65-year-old man, Bartu Bhagat, after accusing him of practicing witchcraft. Bhagat was axed to death near the Town Police Station on Wednesday. District police have voiced concern at the rise in the number of people killed after being accused of practising witchcraft. Naro Pahan,… Continue reading Two People Killed In Lohardaga, India For “Sorcery” And Practicing Witchcraft

Blessed Lughnasadh

All of us here at PaganCentric want to wish you and yours a wonderful Lughnasadh. As you may have guessed, that is today. Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas) is the first of three harvest festivals celebrated in many modern Pagan traditions. It originated as one of the four main Celtic fire festivals and was dedicated… Continue reading Blessed Lughnasadh

The Lore of Friday the 13th

It’s kind of funny that we here at PaganCentric have a habit of posting things that interest us in any given moment, but which are quickly  forgotten, only to discover at some point that they’ve taken on a life of their own somewhere along the way. Such has happened with Claire’s nearly 3 year old… Continue reading The Lore of Friday the 13th

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency estimates that 50,000 people are trafficked into or transited through the U.S.A.  annually as sex slaves, domestics, garment, and agricultural slaves. The United States (U.S.) is a destination country for thousands of men, women, and children trafficked largely from East Asia, Mexico, and Central America for the purposes of sexual… Continue reading Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery

Not To Be Left Out

I think we should limit who can post to the blog. Otherwise this will become a forum. It should be used to post information to the PaganCentric community about upcoming events and issues. We can, and should, chat elsewhere.

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