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A Final Word on Saint Patrick

A Final Word on Saint Patrick

There is enough presumption concerning my article, Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day: The Real Meaning of the Holiday, that I feel I should say a final word on Saint Patrick to clear a few things up. I actually had to go back and read the article again, just to confirm that I did […]

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A Familiar Spirit

What is an Animal Familiar?

There have been a number of requests for more information concerning the idea of animal familiars. It’s surprising how much misinformation, or just bad information, there is out there. While it’s fairly easy to cover established Christian theology from the Middle Ages, it’s harder to arrive at a contemporary consensus. Send to Kindle

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There Is No One, True Way

She had been told that everything she believed was wrong. The person who told her that had meant no harm. From his perspective, I’m sure he felt that his statement was true. His intent, one would hope, was perhaps to challenge her to explore other possibilities and consider alternative paths of thought and […]

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Druids by The Mish

The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Rumble

Send to Kindle Every year around this time the PaganCentric web site enjoys (or suffers from, depending upon your perspective) a temporary notoriety around Saint Patrick’s Day. I posted an article back in 2009 about my personal beliefs concerning the holiday, Saint Patrick and getting drunk in general, mostly because one of my early students […]

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Yule Log

About That Yule Log

From December 23, 2009. “I forget sometimes that my traditions are not the same as everyone else’s. In recent correspondence with a friend about secular traditions and Yule spirit (in regard to how I celebrate the holidays), I explained my family’s peculiar tradition regarding the Yule log. I thought I would share it […]

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Always Casting A New Circle

It’s pretty evident to anyone who frequents the PaganCentric web site that we’ve been largely inert for awhile. Honestly, I’ve found myself scratching my head as to how to proceed with PaganCentric. The truth is, I created PaganCentric primarily for the use of the small group of Pagans I hang out with, and […]

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I Am Offended

How Do I Avoid Being Offensive To Others? And Why Should I Care?

Question from a student: How Do I Avoid Being Offensive To Others? We’ve all had those moments when we’ve said or done something which later caused us concern. Did we hurt someone’s feelings? Did we say something offensive? There really is no universal way of avoiding these conflicts, because each person is different […]

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Those Wacky Druids at Stonehenge

Druids… Erase, Erase, Erase… It’s Always A Sad Day When Claire Makes A Mistake

I’ve amended the post titled Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day. I wrote that post back in 2009, mostly intending to talk about my personal beliefs on Saint Patrick’s Day and the reasons why I don’t tend to celebrate it in the traditional ways. I never really expected the post to take on a life […]

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Yule Log

Happy Solstice to All Our Favorite Pagan People, Wherever You Are!

During classes last weekend, the subject of Yule Logs came up. I was asked by one of my students to share my tradition of the Yule Log on the PaganCentric web site (especially in regard to a post I wrote a few years ago). This seemed like the perfect day to do so! […]

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Avowed Witch Hunters To Hold Harvard Conference

From Daily KOS As reported today on MSNBC, a Wiccan TSA employee accused of witchcraft has been fired. As described below, listed apostles of a global evangelical movement that claims to fight witchcraft will, on April 1-2, be holding a conference at Harvard University. While Salem has garnered all the attention, the real […]

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