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Over 100,000 Public Elementary School Students To Get Bible Lessons On Killing Unbelievers

Posted by B. E. Wilson AlterNet, June 3, 2012 In a May 30, 2012 story in The Guardian, journalist Katherine Stewart, author of The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, reveals that next Fall over 100,000 elementary school students in American public schools will receive explicit coaching on the scriptural justification for […]

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Kid Reading A Bible

It’s High-Time For Change At A North Carolina Public School

I’ve been watching a story for some time now, and am a little encouraged that it seems to be evolving into a positive thing. I’ll withhold judgement, though. This is Buncombe County, where folks like me, those who follow “heathen religions” as well as those whose sexual orientation is summarized as “deviant” and […]

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Arlington Pagans

Wiccan Pentacles at Arlington, and Why Litigation Was Necessary

via The Wild Hunt, Jason Pitzl-Waters In April of 2007 the Bush Administration agreed to a settlement that paved the way for approval of the Wiccan pentacle to be engraved on government-issued headstones and markers, bringing to an end a campaign that lasted a decade, one that saw casual anti-Pagan demagoguery morph into […]

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We’re Moving Our Toys to a New Secret Lair! Possible Site Downtime

We’re moving to a new server as part of the Windhaven Network migration. While we don’t expect any major interruptions, there are always unforeseen problems when you’re dealing with new servers. If you do notice any downtime at all, please keep in mind that it will only be temporary. We’re expecting a few […]

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Imprisonment Up To 10 Years For Branding Women A Witch

Nitesh Kumar Sharma, May 8, 2011 JAIPUR: In the recently proposed Rajasthan Women (Prevention & Protection from Atrocities) Bill, 2011, a major thrust has been given to protecting women who are tortured or killed after being branded as witches, an evil practice prevalent in many rural areas of the state. Similar to laws […]

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