What Phil Robertson Taught Me About Christians

While I’m not a fan of “Duck Dynasty”, I’m not a hater. If I disagree with the wit and wisdom of Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty clan, it’s not out of ignorance of Biblical principles, but rather out of a disagreement with their perceptions of them.

Should I Say “Goddess” Or “God”?

One of the most vexing questions spiritual seekers encounter concerns the “proper” terminology they should use when referring to The Divine, that supreme being and all around swell guy most commonly referred to as “God”. Many new Wiccans immediately reverse their Christian indoctrination by flipping it.

Color Associations

Ever notice that some colors make you feel a certain way? There’s a reason for that, you know. Colors have certain associations, whether we realize it or not. As such, many magickal traditions call upon those colors in their energy work. Think of it as stacking the deck. You know your intent.

What is an Animal Familiar?

There have been a number of requests for more information concerning the idea of animal familiars. It’s surprising how much misinformation, or just bad information, there is out there. While it’s fairly easy to cover established Christian theology from the Middle Ages, it’s harder to arrive at a contemporary consensus.

There Is No One, True Way

She had been told that everything she believed was wrong. The person who told her that had meant no harm. From his perspective, I’m sure he felt that his statement was true. His intent, one would hope, was perhaps to challenge her to explore other possibilities and consider alternative paths of thought and spirituality. The… Continue reading There Is No One, True Way

The Arrest of Dan Halloran

I was asked today if PaganCentric was going to report on the arrest of New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, or if, it was suggested, we might “look the other way” because he’s Pagan. Actually, I wasn’t going to write anything about Dan Halloran initially. It had nothing to do with him being Pagan. It… Continue reading The Arrest of Dan Halloran

Pondering Ostara

The Goddess Ostara, that old Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, the East, Resurrection, and Rebirth brings a time of the year which is rife with promise. On Easter every year many Pagans find themselves… discomforted. Everywhere you turn there are Christians celebrating the resurrection of their revered mystic and savior, Jesus Christ.

U.N. Condemns Surge of Witchcraft Attacks

U.N. human rights officials have condemned a recent surge of violence against Albinos in Tanzania in connection with “witchcraft beliefs and practices”. Albinos, who are people born with a congenital disorder caused by the absence of pigment in the skin, have traditionally suffered great hardships in Africa, where they are both feared and revered because some… Continue reading U.N. Condemns Surge of Witchcraft Attacks

Is There A God?

We’ve all asked the question at one point or another. Is there a God? You can take the word “God” and rephrase it as you like. God. Goddess. Gods or gods. Assign a name in its place. Yahweh. Krishna. Great Father. G. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. Whatever you want, and whichever makes you feel more comfortable. But… Continue reading Is There A God?