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Angela - An Accused Witch

It’s 2013, And They’re Still Burning Witches

One of many such stories. The photograph accompanying this article was taken in 2013. Or 2012 at the earliest. This is not ancient history. What follows are excerpts from an article at The Global Mail about Papua New Guinea, where belief in black magic persists and women are blamed, accused of sorcery and […]

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The Battle for Valentine’s Day: Its Little Known Roots in Paganism

I ran across this article this morning (a day late, I know), but I thought I would share it. It touches upon the likely ancient roots of the holiday, and goes on to discuss how some Evangelical Christians are hoping to co-opt it for their own nefarious purposes. ~ Claire The Battle for […]

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Saint Patrick

Pagans and Saint Patrick’s Day: The Real Meaning of the Holiday

Ever one to ruin the fun, I couldn’t let today go by without making a few comments about Saint Patrick and the annual holiday that’s held in his honor. Most of the people I know will be wearing green in some form today, thinking of all things Irish, drinking green beer, and possibly […]

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