Wiccan Pentacles at Arlington, and Why Litigation Was Necessary

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via The Wild Hunt,
Jason Pitzl-Waters

In April of 2007 the Bush Administration agreed to a settlement that paved the way for approval of the Wiccan pentacle to be engraved on government-issued headstones and markers, bringing to an end a campaign that lasted a decade, one that saw casual anti-Pagan demagoguery morph into government policy. Nearly five years after that historic settlement, the number of grave markers with the pentacle emblem, according to iPad-formatted news magazine The Daily, has risen dramatically.

“Since its addition in 2007 to a list of recognized tombstone icons, the pentacle has begun popping up on grave markers at Arlington and other government cemeteries alongside crosses, Stars of David and Muslim crescents. “There’s been a large increase over the past few years,” Jeanet Ewing, co-founder of Northern Virginia Pagan Network, told The Daily. “We’re up to near 80 grave markers nationwide.” The symbol can be found on five Arlington headstones, including that of Army Staff Sgt. Thomas Huffard, a Vietnam veteran who died in 2009, and Army Spec. Charles Heinlein, who was killed in Iraq in 2007.”

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One Response to Wiccan Pentacles at Arlington, and Why Litigation Was Necessary

  1. Jennie Mitchell August 10, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    Its about time! We have to see signs of the church everywhere n its not just allowed its seen as”the right thing” whereas I completely disagree with anything biblical and fully believe it doesn’t take anyone special to see that love and respect of nature is good and judging and and controlling through fear is wrong! I believe that the “normal”religions are evil, yes I said it “EVIL” and “SHOVENISTIC”, Wiccan/Pagan is the true promotion of peace and being a good person, peace signs are equal in harmlessness to pentacles, they had better realize the rights of the people and accept wiccan ways everywhere, equally as much as christianity! Thank you for finally allowing a good natured respect for a good persons freedom in this, ahem, “FREE COUNTRY”

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