For Christians, 7th Harry Potter Movie ‘Spells Trouble’ for Society

Now that a new Harry Potter movie is coming out, Evangelical Christians are up in arms (again) over the corrupting influence of… well, wizards. Since the first 6 Harry Potter movies didn’t spell the end of the world, Christian alarmists are now banking on the 7th time being the charm – and they’re eager to sell you books detailing the problem. Below are excerpts from an article from the Christian News Wire.

While most consider all anti-Potterism downright Mugglish, concerns remain among many parents over “Wicca” (witchcraft), vampirism, and exploding interest in occultism among teens. While millions will sit spellbound in public theaters watching the next Harry Potter film, behind the scenes vast numbers will also surf Wiccan websites, discover new “Love and Money Spells,” and seek to sharpen their skills at practicing apparently wholesome “white magic.” Is it all just fun and fiction, or is something truly dark going on?

“Plenty of real occultism is embedded in Harry Potter 7,” Steve Wohlberg, bestselling author of Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft: The Menace Beneath the Magic, contends, “and in spite of naïve popular opinion, the net film will once again aid Wicca’s growth.” “Occultism has a dark side,” he warns, “and dabblers can easily become trapped like a fly in a spider web.” Ex-witches themselves share riveting testimonies in Wohlberg’s book.

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