Back In The Saddle

Back in the SaddleWe’re back in the saddle and riding high again. Well, we’re getting ready to, anyway. As is usually the case, the moment we began to prepare for a revamp of the web site and a generally re-purposing of all things PaganCentric, our beloved web server started showing signs of early dementia. Before long it was hardly talking to us. And before we knew it, it wouldn’t cooperate at all, refusing the honor connections and generally acting like we were total strangers.

Well. We’re nothing if not stubborn.

Luckily for us the metaphor of an aging relative can only take us so far. Quite simply, our web server stopped serving its purpose, and so we have jumped ship and moved to a new server. That’s why there were so much downtime. We could have repaired some of the problems with the old server, theoretically. But really, once you start having web server problems, unless the server is sitting in a closet in your home and you can literally pop the top and tinker with it, there’s only so much you can do to it. Ours was a remotely hosted server. And honestly, we believe that most of our problems stemmed from the indifference of the grunts in tech support who were determined that our problems were all being cause by our WordPress and MySQL installations. Which was absurd.

The fact that the web site runs so well on the new server bears out how absurd that contention was. But really, when we heard that line of thought, we knew there would be no worthwhile help forthcoming. And like all good things, our old server came to an end. We’ve moved on.

We’ll be upgrading some things in the next couple of weeks, making the web site more mobile friendly, and hopefully getting more robust content back in the queue. Yes, we’ve been lazy. But it’s been a good, renewing kind of lazy. We’re chomping at the bit now and looking forward to bringing to you the essence of what many people have hoped PaganCentric would become all along. In short, we’ve thought long and hard, and we know who were are now and what we want to do. Our days of wandering in the wilderness are pretty much over with.

We won’t making any grand promises, but we do look forward to seeing you again. It’s gonna be good.

~ Wicasta Lovelace

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10 years ago

Glad you are going to be back – I have missed ya’ll! (Personally I still believe the internet is run by gremlins!)

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