Color Associations

Burning CandleEver notice that some colors make you feel a certain way? There’s a reason for that, you know. Colors have certain associations, whether we realize it or not. As such, many magickal traditions call upon those colors in their energy work. Think of it as stacking the deck. You know your intent. So why not bring in a color that reflects and enhances that intent?

Like all things, you will find differing opinions about the meanings and correlations of some colors. But generally speaking, the list below is a good place to start.

  • White: purity and truth*
  • Black: negativity and banishment
  • Green: abundance, financial gain, fertility
  • Brown: Earth-related or animal-related workings
  • Pink: friendship, sweet love
  • Red: sexual love and lust, courage and health,
  • Orange: attraction and encouragement
  • Gold: business endeavors, financial gain, solar connections
  • Yellow: persuasion and protection
  • Light Blue: health, patience and understanding
  • Dark Blue: depression and vulnerability
  • Purple: ambition and power
  • Silver: intuition, reflection, lunar connections

* Many Pagan traditions believe that it’s acceptable to use a white candle in place of any other color.

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Shamoora Williams
Shamoora Williams
5 years ago

Hi Claire..
I came upon your st Patrick’s blog unexpectedly and ironically,found it highly interesting..I associate myself African herbalism…I’m also a theologian..
So in there anyway you can share your take about the similarities african practices have with paganism?

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