DC’s Pagan Library Offically Opens Its Door to the Public

Sometimes good news comes along that just needs to be celebrated. As reported on Capital Witch by Maria Aquila, Saturday evening the Open Hearth Foundation (OHF) officially launched the OHF Pagan Library. The event marks the opening of one of the first Pagan libraries in the country that houses a physical collection of books, periodicals, and artifacts that is available to the public. The current collection consists of more than 3,000 titles, 250 tarot decks, and 40 different periodical and newsletter series.

A reception was held at the DC Pagan community center, where OHF Board Member Anura Rose welcomed attendees and introduced the OHF Library committee members, acknowledged the current and former OHF board members, and formally recognized the volunteers. Guests were then lead into the darkened library for an illumination ceremony and unveiling.

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10 years ago

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!

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