Hey, all. If you’re still visiting this page, then you’re a very stubborn person. I like that.

Well, we’ve finally put up a link to the forums. We’ve been testing it and can’t seem the break the thing, so we figure it’s probably safe for the general public.

Just so no one gets lost and hurts themself trying to get back to the main page, we’ve put the forums page into frames. Our lame-ass tech-wiz (namely me) can’t figure out how to make the forums display return links. Well, without creating new style sheets and templates, etcetera. That smells like work to me. Maybe this winter when I’m curled up with a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy afternoon with nothing else to do.

Anyway, there it is. I’m looking forward to arguing with a lot of you. And dreading arguing with some of you. Hehe

But I love ya.

– Claire

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Skip Hungerford
Skip Hungerford
3 years ago

I must ask the question is it coffee or hot chocolate you like the most

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