Grounding And Clearing, And Generally Cleaning Up The Place

There are some changes afoot around here, for various reasons. One big reason is simply that it’s time for a change. Not change for its own sake, but positive, lasting change that hopefully will re-energize our goals here with PaganCentric and help us to get back on track.

The most obvious change you’ll notice is that we’ve changed our theme. While the old theme was beautiful, it wasn’t very functional. Let’s face it, the Web is changing. People are surfing the Internet more and more on the smartphones and iPads. The old way of doing things isn’t going to cut it anymore. There are new functions arising with the newer Web programming that just don’t work that well with old themes. And, well, the author of our old theme apparently had no interest in updating. So we kicked it to the curb.

You’ll also notice that more of our articles are accessible from the front page of the web site. Quite a few people had complained that, while they loved our articles, intermittent as they might be, some of the older ones were quite difficult to find. In short, the old theme wasn’t very user-friendly. Hopefully the new one will help resolve some of those headaches.

Along with these upgrades comes an upgrade to our long suffering Web Store. There’s not much there right now, but we’re going to be linking up a lot of products in the near future. No, we’re not opening a store. We’re just going to be shining a spotlight on the some of the cool products that we come across, to the benefit of the owners of those shops. And we’ll also be highlighting some cool products from a couple of companies who have agreed to some profit sharing to help defray some of the costs of keeping PaganCentric online. Are you obligated to buy anything? Certainly not. Don’t be silly. But if you see something really cool and decide to buy it, you can also have the added satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping us to keep the lights on.

 In closing, I look forward to hearing what you think of the new web site theme (good or bad), and, as ever, I welcome your suggestions about ways to improve it.

Walk in light and peace.

~ Claire Mulkieran

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Shona simpson
Shona simpson
10 years ago

I am new ive just come across this blog when on my facebook looking thow some of the pages ive liked and i come to ur link i come on and read ur artical and thought that i really like it and will be comming back very soon thank u for shareing all ur lovely posts thank u, (shona), from london.

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