Is Reincarnation Possible?

Is Reincarnation Possible?Is Reincarnation Possible? I think anything is possible. It’s always seemed absurd to me that some people get upset when you mention the possibility of reincarnation, but they believe that when you die your spirit ascends to some mystical place in the heavens where you’ll be reunited with your loved ones. It does no good to point out that the latter theory is no more or less reasonable than the former. None of us really know what happens to the soul when we die, and so any of our conclusions about it are just supposition. As such, reincarnation doesn’t sound any more absurd to me than any other explanation.

But the one thing that makes me give reincarnation a little extra consideration is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. A lot of people don’t understand that process, but during metamorphosis a caterpillar does not just grow wings and long legs. The caterpillar doesn’t grow a chrysalis (the casing the butterfly develops in). It’s body *becomes* a chrysalis. Inside that chrysalis the caterpillar’s body breaks itself down into a partial goo of imaginal cells (like stem cells), which reform into a butterfly. It is literally a form of death. The caterpillar ceased to be, and from its previous form a butterfly develops. And yet, according to research at Georgetown University, the butterflies that emerge from the chrysalises may remember some of their former lives as caterpillars. It’s at least theoretically possible that something similar happens to our life energies when we die.

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Robin Dostie
Robin Dostie
7 years ago

Hello Wicasta!!

I found your article very interesting.

I’ve been a firm believer of reincarnation for over 15 years. I’ve developed my own personal belief on how it works that I’ve been adhering to for over 15 years. I even have the primary symbol (the Ourobouros explained on the diagram) tattooed on my body as an ode to my personal belief.

Here it is:

Please feel free to email me. I’d love to answer any questions or discuss the matter further.

Robin Dostie
Robin Dostie
7 years ago

Hello Wicasta!

I’ve been a firm believer in what I’ve termed Human-centric Reincarnation for over 15 years now. I created this belief myself based own my own personal world views and it means a lot to me.

Here is a diagram I created on how it functions:

I decided to create it one day after my very devout Christian Father-in-law tried to convert me, giving me a religious pamphlet.

Please tell me what you think. It would mean a lot to me! 🙂

6 years ago

Hello Wicasta
I am just discovering and learning about mystical and spiritual ways. That religion is basically a belief system put together to “explain the unexplainable”. This system of belief for reincarnation is beautiful! For it too “explains the unexplainable!

6 years ago

I totally believe in reincarnation…To be honest, I had a strange memory of being a dead asian man and I felt like I wore a kimono before. Don’t know if these are signs of reincarnation. I know somebody else believes in it too.

Skip Ford
1 year ago

There are many beliefs and facets of the afterlife that offer a substantial belief as just as many disapprove they must approve as well as there is no clear-cut proof as well to discredit. I have believed in reincarnation even when I was a full-blown Christian. It always amazed me when you have that experience that you have done the same thing before or been somewhere before feeling. When we speak of butterflies a really weird thing happened as my wife whom I was with for over 40 years had passed from cancer. She loved and adored butterflies and on vacation camping, in Pennsylvania, we were visited every day by this beautiful yellow and black swallowtail butterfly. I had to take a photo and gave my love to my wife as I felt it was her. Our travels then took us to New York where we camped in the Catskills where a black and yellow butterfly visited us every day. Was it the same one I cannot truthfully say but I want to believe it was. The oddest thing occurred as I wanted to see the New Yankee Stadium as I had been to the old one and I wanted to have my grandson have the same experience so we went to the game. Would you believe it that a yellow swallowtail butterfly flew into the stadium and landed on my knee while watching the game. My grandson and I just looked at each other trying to take in everything that happened. Life is strange and it offers so many unanswered questions. I believe there is a spirit that is in all of us and that spirit lives on forever. Could it be that we enter into a state where our spirit can be in an alternate form such as a butterfly or an animal until it enters back into a human form? I guess this is something we will never know at least among the living. Life is so full of unanswered questions filled with so many that think that they pretend to have the answers. Maybe it is best we do not know the answers as in today’s world many would try to change it.

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