Kiona & Jennifer’s Magickal Barefoot Solstice Wedding In The Desert

Nicked from the Offbeat Bride web site, here’s a story that we hope will provide a nice break from the ongoing stream of negativity that we all face at the hands of mainstream culture. While not specifically Pagan, this couple was hand-fasted and borrowed from Pagan spirituality in organizing their wedding. A joy to read.

The offbeat bride: Kiona, dancer, aerialist, and yoga instructor

Her offbeat partner: Jennifer, environmental activist

Date and location of wedding: Historic C.O.D. Ranch, Oracle, AZ — June 20, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We both grew up connecting with the desert, and it was important for us to get married with our bare feet touching that land. We didn’t have a wedding planner, but Stacy, David, and the staff at C.O.D. Ranch were amazingly helpful and friendly. Even though we had financial support from both families, we worked really hard to keep costs to a minimum. We made almost everything and were sure to source from sustainable and ethical retailers.

Read more for details (and wonderful photos) →

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