Mabon Celebrations

We’re going to hold our annual Mabon ritual this year on Saturday, September 20th at the fortified PaganCentric underground bunker in lovely downtown Asheville, North Carolina (where else?). Semantics aside, I know that some of the purer of heart will no doubt write and remind me, in a nice way (of course), that Mabon falls upon the 22nd or 23rd (depending upon who you ask). We’re going to celebrate it in a group way on Saturday because some of us have jobs and and don’t get to play in the forest with the faeries as much as we’d like. There will be a smaller, less spectacular (note the use of irony) gathering at my home on the 22nd for those who are interested.

This PaganCentric celebration is by invitation only. We want to respect the preferences of some of our members who prefer being skyclad, but hope to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment of last year. You know what that means. No cameras. No strangers. Please contact me beforehand to RSVP and I’ll send you more info about where, who and why.

I want to provide a list of other get-togethers in the Asheville area this season. So if you have an event that you would like advertised on the PaganCentric web site, please feel free to send me the information at;

Other Events:

Harvest Home – Mabon Ritual
Mystic Journeys
333 Merrimon Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
Equinox Rite: Byron Ballard and Jill Yarnall

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