New Year Ruminations

A few folks have written me and asked why we (well, “I”) haven’t been posting more Wiccan news on the web site. There have also been some pointed reminders that we’re well into January and I’ve yet to post anything here in 2009.

Well, quite frankly, there hasn’t been much going on, whether that be in the larger Wiccan and Pagan communities, or more specific to the Asheville, NC area, or in the PaganCentric communty itself. PaganCentric seems to be enjoying yet another of its rebuilding phases, in which our Principles scatter and our members lose interest (yes, I know. It would probably work if I showed more interest myself, but I never volunteered to be a manifested goddess or anything, so you should understand my reluctance to explain all things). In the larger community, about the only Pagan related news I seem to hear of is the occasional inmate bitching about not being allowed eight hours to honor the Horned God and squaling about religious discrimination.

I promise I’ll get my head out of my job this year, and we’ll make a good go of PaganCentric. Many of you seem fascinated by the idea (though I don’t know why, with all the other Pagan organizations out there). So maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually get a lot more in the way of active content here on the web site during 2009. Also, I rather like the idea of using PaganCentric to stage more Pagan events in the area. The local community (Goddess knows I love you all) can be rather lame in that regard, focusing on coven-specific activities rather than thinking in the larger communal sense. My impression in 2008 was that the most high-profile Pagan events were not “Pagan” at all, but rather someone realizing they could make a quick buck by appealing to all the tree-huggers and “rock-worshippers” out there. Personally, I think Pagans should stop spending their hard-earned money at secular events that have been dressed up with Pagan trappings. But that’s just me, I guess.

Anyway, here, for your perusal, has been a few of my early 2009 ruminations. Make of them what you will. And if you’re so inclined, please write me to complain. I’m always amused by your opinions (please mark that as humor, as it was intented).

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