Pagan Police in the United Kingdom to Get Witchcraft Holidays

While various articles that I’ve read on this subject have had an undercurrent of mocking the issue, overall this a good thing, I think, and it’s positive that it’s being discussed in the mainstream (at least in England). Hopefully one day America will join the 21st Century and follow suit. I’ve included an excerpt below:

Pagan Police to Get Witchcraft Holidays

Police officers who indulge in witchcraft have been given the right to take Hallowe’en and the summer solstice off as religious holidays.

Bosses have formally recognised pagans as a minority group and granted them the same rights as others such as Muslims.

Members of the new Pagan Police Association will have guaranteed holiday on the faith’s eight festival days. But one pagan officer has sparked controversy by admitting he uses witchcraft to boost his chances of promotion.


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13 years ago

I truly think this is a good thing. More people today are practicing the old religions than some would like to belive. Here in America, Freedom of Religion hasn’t gotten there yet. Yes it may be recognised as a religion it is not as accepted yet. But all in all there is still hope.

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