Pagans and the Law: Understand Your Rights by Dana Eilers

Pagans And The Lawby Andrah Wyrdfire

There was a local case, back in 2005, where a Pagan friend of mine was divorcing her Pagan husband, which involved their [then] 9-year-old son.  Since their son was attending a Catholic School, the judge ruled that they were not allowed to expose their son to their “non-mainstream” religion.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe it was because a case-worker and the judge felt it would be confusing for their son to attend a Catholic School and also be exposed to Paganism.  The parents obtained representation from the ACLU and their story was all over the news.

Pagans and the Law:  Understand Your Rights was published by The Career Press in 2003 and I instantly ordered it once I saw it on sale at  I offered it to my friend, but she decided to just let the ACLU handle their case.  I recently finished reading it and feel ready to say that I’m better prepared to defend myself in court should I ever face discrimination.


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