Some Shops Shun the Pagan-Sponsored “Celebrating Earth Spirituality” Festival

Stoudtburg VillageI came across an article to bothered me. The Reading Pagans And Witches organization is holding the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival today in Stoudtburg Village, in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Needless to say, there are zealots rushing forth to denounce it. A dozen or so Christian groups and churches are trying to organize a “wall of prayer” around the village.

James Horning, executive director of Crossfire Youth Ministries in nearby Eprhata, Pennsylvania, said, “We are asking the Christians in the community to come out and make a circle around the entire facility and stand there for one hour and pray on behalf of the community, and then go home. No signs, no shouting, no protests, just a visible sign that we disapprove … of the whole underlying theme.”

Those wacky Christians. They do so hate competition, don’t they?

– Claire

Some Shops Shun A Pagan Festival
By Ron Todt
Associated Press

ADAMSTOWN, Pa. | In the rolling hills of deeply religious rural Pennsylvania sits Stoudtburg Village, a tiny hamlet modeled on a German town. On weekends, tourists come here to visit shops on the ground floors of closely set three-story houses painted bright colors on pedestrian-only streets.

But this weekend, plans for a nature-worshipping group of modern pagans and witches to hold a festival in this picturesque section of Adamstown are getting a mixed reception, with some shop owners welcoming the visitors but others saying they plan to close.

“My personal feeling is that it’s not something that I’d want to have anything to do with,” said Jane Lesher, standing Friday amid the yarn creations of her shop The Soxy Lady, which will close Saturday. “I don’t see how it’s going to benefit the village, especially if it’s going to leave a bad taste in the community’s mouth.”

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