There Is No One, True Way

She had been told that everything she believed was wrong. The person who told her that had meant no harm. From his perspective, I’m sure he felt that his statement was true. His intent, one would hope, was perhaps to challenge her to explore other possibilities and consider alternative paths of thought and spirituality. The… Continue reading There Is No One, True Way

Pondering Ostara

The Goddess Ostara, that old Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, the East, Resurrection, and Rebirth brings a time of the year which is rife with promise. On Easter every year many Pagans find themselves… discomforted. Everywhere you turn there are Christians celebrating the resurrection of their revered mystic and savior, Jesus Christ.

The Art of Free Fall

Why are human beings so resistant to change? It’s part of life. Change is really the only thing you can count on during your time on Earth. Everything changes.

Back In The Saddle

We’re back in the saddle and riding high again. Well, we’re getting ready to, anyway. As is usually the case, the moment we began to prepare for a revamp of the web site and a generally re-purposing of all things PaganCentric, our beloved web server started showing signs of early dementia. Before long it was… Continue reading Back In The Saddle

About That Yule Log

From December 23, 2009. “I forget sometimes that my traditions are not the same as everyone else’s. In recent correspondence with a friend about secular traditions and Yule spirit (in regard to how I celebrate the holidays), I explained my family’s peculiar tradition regarding the Yule log. I thought I would share it here.” “The… Continue reading About That Yule Log

Should Pagans Celebrate Halloween?

Is it anti-Pagan to celebrate Halloween? How do Halloween and Samhain relate, if at all, to one another? I grew up loving Halloween, but it now seems disrespectful to me to go out collecting candy while I’m supposed to be honoring the spirits of my dead ancestors.

Always Casting A New Circle

It’s pretty evident to anyone who frequents the PaganCentric web site that we’ve been largely inert for awhile. Honestly, I’ve found myself scratching my head as to how to proceed with PaganCentric. The truth is, I created PaganCentric primarily for the use of the small group of Pagans I hang out with, and later thought… Continue reading Always Casting A New Circle

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