We’re Back!

I thought maybe I should mention that we’ve been tinkering with resurrecting the web site. It’s funny, actually. There’s been some renewed interest in PaganCentric as an organization (or whatever the hell we are), but we’ve focused mostly on real world interaction. But a lot of people have complained that we didn’t have a web presence. Well, that we didn’t have an active web presence, anyway.

Well, on a lark, I’ve put together a WordPress based blog system and tied in the various people who have shown interest through the years. I won’t promise that there’ll be a lot of activity here, but I will promise that it’ll receive at least my passing attention. I may not be able to make it flourish, but I will keep it from dying. Whether or not it flourishes is largely up to the people who seem to be gathering under the PaganCentric umbrella.

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